Creating background stories for skirm fractions.

During most airsoft skirms there are generally two fractions: a team Blue and a team Red.

Often a “team Blue” is considered as conventional troop team and a “team Red” as a rebellious team.

For the Tac-Sim (Tactical Simulation) game play for Critical Hit, we created background stories, flags, and patches for each fraction.

Instead of two fractions we added an additional one.

This to create a more dynamic and strategic spin to the Tac-sims game play.

Every fraction had to split up and rethink how to implement their players, because enemy troops could come from any angle.

To build even more depth behind each fraction, additional “off location” storylines were written and shared online on the Critical Hit website and Facebook pages. In both the Tac-Sim events and storylines, additional characters emerged. Phantom Commander being the most infamous of them all.

The result was that many regular players connected even more with “their fraction” and the Critical Hit airsoft organization.

The lycans

motto: Carpe noctem


Northern European group

Once the elite unit of the UN Blue Helmets who were dropped into the toughest war zones to restore peace and order.

However, political power games and corruption in the highest military circles put an end to this.

During their last peacekeeping mission in a former Soviet country, the Lycans were betrayed and sacrificed by their own generals.

In a nightly air raid from their own side, most of the unit was massacred.

Those who managed to survive the bombardment were shot by enemy troops.

However, part of the unit managed to escape and secretly regroup.

Stronger than ever and broken free of any moral code or ethical conduct, the Lycans went from keepers of the peace to a unit that sees warfare as a sport of blood, with only one goal: revenge!