Situated on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium, lay the 9 hectares big, airsoft location called Dark Forest. As a paintball/ airsoft location it already existed for years and fallen into decay before airsoft organization Critical Hit started to organize weekly skirms at Dark Forest.

The location needed a big reboot, and we were asked to create a location development plan.

Researching the locations layout, opportunities, and possible gameplay we proposed to split up the location into different “themes”. Each theme area would have its own unique look, feel and strategic challenges.

A huge team of motivated airsoft players and volunteers helped, and piece by piece, week by week, the “Dark Forest 2.0” plan was implemented.

Dark forest

Here is an overview of the Dark Forest.

Additional to the different themes, there were also plans for a huge village named “Dead Wood” as an additional Kill House in a corner of the field that often-lacked action.

The existing pond was to be enlarged, with several bridges placed over the water.