In the weekend of the 9th and 10th of September 2023, the Dutch airsoft league, NABV, organised their ten year anniversary event, at the Vliegveld Twente event location (a former military airfield). At the former airplane Hanger 11 a big fair was held, which presented all the disciplines within the airsoft community. Demonstrations were held, many Airsoft organisations and shops had their own stands.

The entirety of the event showcased how airsoft as a sport has grown and matured in the last ten years. A little further from the hanger was the former military landingstrip, a two kilometer long tarmac strip surrounded by woodland, the old soldier barracks, bunkers and air traffic control tower.

The NABV challenged us to transform this empty strip into a playable skirm location, that could accommodate over 700 players, divided into 4 skirms in 2 days. Making it the biggest skirm ever held in the Netherlands. The location should provided enough interest and challenges for all types of airsofter.

We love a good challenge and got to work.