we made a list of 10 that every airsoft player needs to gear up for an awesome day in the fields!

  1. Eye protection: Eye protection is a must in airsoft, as the pellets can cause serious eye injuries. Look for goggles or a full-face mask that can withstand the impact of the pellets.
  2. Airsoft gun: The most important piece of gear, of course, is the airsoft gun itself. Look for a gun that is well-built, reliable, and suitable for the type of game you plan to play.
  3. Pellets: Make sure to use only high-quality, airsoft-specific pellets in your gun. Avoid using other types of pellets, as they can cause damage to the gun and harm players.
  4. Holster or gun sling: A holster or gun sling can be a convenient way to carry your airsoft gun during the game. Look for one that is comfortable and secure.
  5. Tactical vest or plate carrier: A tactical vest or plate carrier can help you carry extra magazines, pellets, and other gear during the game. Look for one that is durable and adjustable.
  6. Magazine or speed loader: Extra magazines or speed loaders can be a lifesaver during the game, as they allow you to reload quickly without having to stop and fumble with pellets.
  7. Gloves: Gloves can help protect your hands from the impact of the pellets and also provide a better grip on your gun.
  8. Knee and elbow pads: Knee and elbow pads can help protect your joints from the impact of the pellets and also provide extra padding for crawling or kneeling.
  9. Boots or sturdy shoes: A good pair of boots or sturdy shoes can help protect your feet from the impact of the pellets and also provide good traction for running and climbing.
  10. Hydration system: A hydration system such as a water bladder or hydration pack can be very useful during a long airsoft game. It’s important to stay hydrated to prevent fatigue and cramps.

It’s important to note that some airsoft fields or arenas might have their own specific rules for gear, so be sure to check with the organizer ahead of time.


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